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You need to do it right the first time, that's why we as immigration lawyers are here to help. We have done thousands of visa applications, so we know what needs to be done. We will give you fantastic advice while explaining the many pitfalls and things to watch out for.

Yes, we are fantastic at getting visas granted.

Unless you have the experience and training how do you know that you are doing the right thing with your application?

Don't take the risk, ask an Immigration Lawyer today!


First step: Call and book an appointment. We charge in 15 minute blocks at $85 each. You can get lots of advice in 15 minutes!

Second step: Meet with your Migration Lawyer, Kim, to discuss your unique situation. Get advice, plan your next steps and learn some helpful hints and tips. Kim is fantastic at identifing the main issues and providing quality advice to assist you in your visa journey.

Third step: You can either do your visa lodgement yourself and ask Kim for advice along the way, or you can ask Kim for a costs assessment so Kim and the Migration Professionals team can create and lodge your application for you.

Other serivces we offer:

- Visa application checks. If you are doing your own visa, we will check your application before you lodge. This takes about 30 minutes and costs $220

- Migration Review Tribual - we can provide advice or act on your behalf

Professional Quality Visa Advice

Immigration made simple with over 10 years of experience why apply for a visa without us?

Australia is known as a free and democratic nation with a stunning natural environment, a very high standard of living - along with an abundance of opportunities.

There is an exceptional education and healthcare platform and some fantastic opportunities to visit, work, study and live in this fantastic environment.

Australia provides outstanding free social services to the public including consulting, language training, child care, legal aid, translation, settlement and entertainment services, making it one of the most sought after places to which to migrate.

Migrating to any country including Australia can be very challenging, especially if you try and complete it by yourself.  Often, it is best to seek advice from a professional immigration lawyer like ourselves.

There are various ways we can help you. Here are some ways we can help:

- You can book an appointment to get you started. Contact us here.
- You can purchase our comprehensive 'do it yourself' eBooks to download which will step you through the complicated process of applying for and getting your visa granted.
- We offer a Personal Visa Assement over the phone or in our office in Manly. $85 for each 15 minutes block. For more information about this, please click here.
- We can take on your visa application and deal with all the headaches for you. We will take on this mountain of a challenge and give you the best possible chance of getting your visa granted. For more information please click here.

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